Cameroon – October 18, 2013

Today’s country is Cameroon.

Did you know the US conducts an “American Lottery” to various nations under represented in the United States?  The lottery provides opportunity for Cameroon citizens to come to the us on a “diversity visa.”  The Diversity Visa Lottery program was established by Congress where they make available 50,000 visas per year worldwide. It is split among all the countries in the world except countries that have sent a bunch of immigrants to the States in the last five years. 50.000 is the cut-off, so Cameroon qualifies. Almost all countries in Africa are eligible except Nigeria which would be going out of the program for 2015 because they have sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the United States.

Doni Phillips - US Consular Officer

Like many countries, unemployment and job creation is a major issue facing government officials.  During a visit from the Ambassador of Turkey, the Turkish Ambassador says there are enough resources for Turkey to create jobs. 

cameroon workers

If you have seen the film, Mary and Martha, you may know about the extreme need for mosquito netting in Africa. The Cameroon Post reports the number of mosquito nets in Cameroon has tripled but there are a still a majority of children without the netting.  Malaria and equine are dangerous diseases and prominent in this part of the world. The Global Fund has already committed 10 million bed nets for the fight against malaria in 2014. The Minster of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda, said the result of the study was satisfactory, as 66 percent of families have bed nets, with 42 percent utilization. He urged families to sleep under mosquito bed nets to get protection from mosquitos, especially children under five years and pregnant women.



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